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  1. Im thinking of an 03 cobra over the summer..and my buddy in his STI brand new 04 i think or 05 thinks he can smoke me stock for stock..i kno once cobras get modded they wicked fast also do any srts compare to cobras??
  2. Stock for stock cobra beats both STi and the neon. with a little work you should be able to take the STi in your GT as well. the neon you should beat from a roll, itd be able to stay with you from a stop then you should eventually pass over 100. 96-98 cobras with o/r exhaust and gears can beat the STi, and put a few lengths on the highway especially. I really don't like these STi's and Evo's- i see them everywhere. i think theyre overrated big time (i had the wrx adn was pretty dissappointed). the 03 cobra with a chip, pulley and exhaust will just about be untouchable on the street. that's why i cant wait to sell my car and get one!!
  3. I've beaten STi's from a roll, and I'd probalby beat them from a dig at the track too...They just don't impress me much...

    And I'm becoming more and more impressed with those little Neons, even though they are still just a neon...A local guy has one that goes [email protected]
  4. Said it before, but if the Neon SRT4 was around 10 years ago, I'da had one.

    Really not a bad entry level performance car. Looks decent and affordable.

    I'd choose one over a Mustang V6.

    STi's are hard to spot, all the WRX's look the same. They cannot beat a good driver in an 03 Cobra from a stand still. They are so easy to drive though, you could get caught off gaurd. Any moron can get AWD to launch well. Rev it and dump it.
  5. sti's will kill us u best belive and there stock with part's it's over. it will take a lot for us to beat them. :bs:
  6. :lol:

    kill us??? I highly doubt it..it has to be close we got a 90hp advantage even though we rwd....has to count for something..
  7. This isn’t even funny. I respect STI and SRT-4. I just sold my SRT-4 and modded 03 Cobra. STI and SRT-4 have no pull from 70mph. They are good off the line but at top end the cobra will spank them. Their ¼ mile trap speed numbers say it all!

    Lots of cars can get off the line fast, but few are wickedly fast at freeway speeds. Theirs nothing like pulling like a mo fo from 80mph! :nice:

    If you go the four-door rout I would recommend the SRT-4. The mods are cheaper then the STI and offer bigger results.

  8. :lol: First off learn to type or at least speak english. Second you are an idiot. :lol:

    As far as which to get, personnally don't like the looks of either, but the SRT4 is probably the better car. Have seen some pretty bad ass times out of them for a 4 banger.
  9. having owned numerous mustangs and curently driving a novi 1000 90 vert, i also have a 04 wrx the wrx is a great car I paid 20k for it i can haul the kids around and in bad weather you cant beat it, the car ran 14.5 @ 93 mph bone stock with my fat a$$ in it wich was quicker than my stock 94&95 gt's ran so I can't complaine but a wrx has no soul it's just a quick little econo box that in 20 years I will be drinking a bear out of
  10. yea my 02 wrx felt very cheap, like a tin can. it was a good car for the time being cuz i had just flipped my last cobra.... a friend of mine is already gonna sell his STi to get a vette or cobra. it doenst cut it. american muscle is still the most fun to drive !!! :nice:
  11. so with magnaflow exhaust and x pipe how much should a 03 cobra be pushing..and with steeda cai??
  12. Mine was making 429rwhp with those exact mods. Not bad huh. :nice:
  13. i think i read somewhere that the advertised 300 hp isn't to the wheels?
  14. I've laid the smack down on both the STi and SRT4s. You need to watch the dig with the STi but with DRs on the rear you should be fine! Let them know that cubic inches still rule the nest around here!!!
    The 03/04 Cobra will walk them, especially once you are moving into the triple digits!
  15. I have both, my 99 with a vortech i'm putting down 450 at the wheels, and my srt-4 has a upgraded turbo and i just dynoed it at 380 at the wheels, my cobra is faster, but not by much, I love both, I enjoy the 24 miles to the gallon with the neon compared to the 12 I get in the cobra though. From a dig the cobra has a huge advantage. Also horsepower to weight ratio is over a 1 hp per pound higher in the cobra....but for all the stockers and other mustangs, look out those little neons are faster than you think, I hate to say it but its fun to spank a v8 in a neon...lol
  16. i dont think any company rates WHP
  17. I wasn't sure where he was going with that..... :shrug:
  18. Fastest SRT4 in our area now is [email protected]ty amazing for a FWD car that only has about $5k in mods...
  19. Five grand of mods to your Cobra and your talking low 11's maybe 10's. The car impresses me but adding 5K to get 12's? no. Even a GT + 5K will get you in the 11's. (5K of the right mods)
  20. True, but you don't see any other FWD cars being made right now that for about $25k can get you in or near the 11's...Definately a good bang for the buck...He's not running DR's yet either so his 60's aren't that hot...

    And I know, it's still a Neon, but I was down talking them last fall, and still wouldn't believe they are running those times but I saw it opening night this year at the track...I know I'll think twice about messing with them on the highway now...