Ws6 vs. 96 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Ponyman50, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Alright i just got a 96 cobra hardtop and it has flowmaster cat back, a march ram air system and march underdrive pullies. My friend has an 01 auto WS6 with borla cat back. Will it b close, or will he tear me a new 1?
  2. hes gonna spank u!..get gears 1st
  3. Definitely get gears and maybe you might be able to hang with him! My friend has an 01 ws6 and when he was stock walked me pretty good. Now he has LT's offroad pipe and lid and I have CB, 4.30s basically and we went from a roll on the interstate, actually a lot rolls one day, and he still walked me. I have raced him once from a dig and he beat me, but I had just installed my gears two weeks before along with a Spec clutch, so I wasnt used to the setup. Get gears, midpipe, DR's shifter and pray he screws up somehow, which probably won't since hes an auto. Have fun and be safe!
  4. Don't we run high 13's stock? I know 6spd WS6's/LS1's are capable of mid/low 13's stock, but I thought the autos were only good for mid/high 13's? So how would he get spanked by an autotragic? We honestly can't be THAT far behind an auto?

  5. LS1's have lots of torgue, and our mustangs don't, thats what pulls the car hard off the line. Time to do the engine out or buy a 03 cobra :D
  6. Yeah, they are torquey beasts, but 300tq stock for a 3400lb. car is nothing to laugh about. And the Cobra redlines at 6800, whereas the LS1 at what, 5800rpm? A geared snake should be able to hold better I would think. :nice:
  7. Yea I would go ahead and pass on that race. Unless your gonna be using juice. lol I thought the 96 Cobras ran low 14's?
  8. Automatic F-bodies can be pretty tough also, and remember, while you are trying to bang through the gears, he's just mashing on the gas, so he won't have mis-shifts like the Cobra owner might...Unless you have gears, the F-bod will walk you pretty good...even then, you better be a pretty good driver...