Wtb: 03/04 Cobra, Black, Coupe, Built. Cash In Hand!

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  1. I have CASH IN HAND, ready to buy. If you are selling your car, thinking of selling your car, or possibly could do without your car right now, let me know!
    I will not spend 30K on a car, regardless if it's worth it or not, I don't have that kind of money to spend.

    Things I'm looking for (Updated)
    Must be a Coupe.
    Must be BLACK

    As far as condition, I'm looking for something in very good condition, so no dents/dings or serious work needed. The closer it is to a garage queen the better lol.

    I want a built car. Built engine, preferably high compression (9.0+). I ideally want Twin turbo, single turbo, or big centri. but also would consider TS/eaton. As long as it's on a built platform.
    E85 is fine.
    If it's a Turbo I could deal with an auto swap.

    High end wheels are a plus, TF,HRE,CCW,etc.

    Must be low mileage, unless it's 150% built, I don't want anything over 35-40,000 miles.

    If the car has had the #### beat out of it at the track over and over again and cannot be comfortably driven on the street, I don't want it.

    Clean title, no accidents.

    I WILL travel for the car if its worth it.

    Best way to contact me is to Email me at [email protected] to show me what you have.
    Thanks guys!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.