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  1. Wow- I think for $8000 you could buy half of one though-
  2. i know some who sold a primered out 66 fastback with no interior but was able to start it and move 5 feet for 11,000.00. and needed a lot of body work
  3. The car will be completely painted, inside and out and completely put back together when I put it up for sale. Engine builder dynoed the rebuild at 375 HP
    and the c4 has be re-built reinforced. Hads B&M Megashifter. I have however, toned down the carb from a Demon 650 to a Holly 600. The whole build of the car has been geared toward decent street power and allow me to drive it to shows.
    Good to hear market for the cars is moving up. I know once I finish, I'll never do it again.
  4. I'm just looking for a project. I don't care about the paint, seats (just need a drivers seat), or carpet. Some rust is ok. I just don't want huge rust holes in the floorpans or frame. It just needs to be drivable.
  5. I seriously don't think you'll find such an animal.
  6. I'll keep an look out here in my area. Not sure that you can find what you would like. My car was $5,000.00 I bought it for the body... no rust! I have another 9 to 11K invested with me doing most of the labor. Be prepared to spend a lot of money. I didn't even try to stay concourse!
  7. fastback

    I am just going start looking at local car dealer listings. Everybody thinks finding a car for this price is impossible, but if you look in other places than ebay it is not. Ive seen several fastbacks for 13-14k w/ a pretty new paint job and an excellent interior. I am just looking for a project in good condition. I will find one and will post pictures once I do. :D
  8. Man I hope you do, I've looked from time to time to gauge what they are selling for in my area, It seems everyone knows the Fastbacks are desireable and what a nice price for them no matter what condition it seems.....

  9. Check out CARS.COM I have seen a few Mustangs under $5,000.00 there.
    Good luck. As professor Harold Hill said... If you THINK you can do it, you can!!!
    Course he was teaching the tuba at the time.
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