Found Wtb 1990-92 Twilight Blue Convertible W/ White Interior

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  1. I'm also interested in the 1993 Royal blue w/ white interior. I owned one in 2003 and sold it because I couldn't afford the insurance. I miss the car and am willing to travel anywhere within the states to get a hold of another one. I've had 2 sold right from under my nose so far! Please help! PM or email me anytime. [email protected]

  2. Nobody? Has anyone ever used a brokerage service to find one of these?
  3. Thanks, that car is pristine. The owner isn't willing to budge on price though. She wants $10K firm.
  4. it looks very nice BUT her add also says OBO... probably not many out there like that.
  5. She said her son put the ad up and she wanted it listed for $11,500. If it had the white leather, I would've gladly paid the $10K.
  6. How about a 89 asc mclaren mustang?
  7. Not a big fan of the Mclaren 'stangs. I decided to bite the bullet and buy the one in the ad. Thanks for your help jcgafford!
  8. Glad to help, hope it is as nice as it looks. hope you haggled too!
  9. I'm flying to Ohio from Vegas in two weeks. The owner wasn't really willing to haggle much but this is the car I've been looking for for several years sans the white interior. I can live with grey cloth, especially since its a 5-speed and a '93.
  10. So, the owner was not willing to negotiate at ALL and on top of that, she wasn't very friendly on the phone. I asked for additional pics and an overall description of the vehicle and I got 3 additional very blurry pics and a vague "the cars in great shape". So, after thinking about it for a while, I decided I'll pass on hers and continue my search for a '91-'92 GT 'vert in twilight blue with white leather interior. All of your help is greatly appreciated!

  11. Wow, are these cars really worth that much now?
  12. I've been for a bit, moving again but still in the market for my dream 'stang. Anybody?
  13. Still looking...
  14. I think I found a good candidate...
  15. Pending sale on an '89 vert.
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