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Discussion in 'Fox WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by Saleen09, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Currently looking for a spare 2.3 Turbo longblock/complete engine. I have a 2.3 turbo in my current daily driver 93 notchback but want something to build in the garage.

    Can pull out of rig or buy whole vehicle if needed.

    Let me know what y'all have!

    Thanks in advance.

  2. emery's auto parts in aberdeen WA has one.. usually around 300 for the complete engine, it's complete with a sloppy IHI. In a 85 or 86 TC.. wiring harness has been hacked and computer removed with it.. A google search would get you their number, they're good people to deal with and can pull it for you for 50-100 extra, i dont remember if it was a manual or auto though and if you pay over the phone with a credit card they'd probably pull it beforehand
  3. Meant to reply to this earlier. I left a message Friday at that yard....need to follow up.

    Would ptrefer it to be closer to up North but will drive :)

  4. arlington pull a part has a 2.3T minus the turbo and manifold.. i believe it was in an 85 TC a couple weeks ago, get on it!
  5. 2.3l turbo longblock

    Also FYI emery's auto in aberdeen has a 90-93 mustang notch with black interior.. still has the rear 1/4 panels if you're still looking for a pair
  6. I talked to the guys at emery's, the 2.3T is 200 if you pull it, 300 if they pull it..
  7. before you consider driving down there, i'd prepay on the phone so you dont get screwed. i had to deal with a bunch of bs today just to buy parts.

    3 of the 4 people there were *******s. ill never waste my time driving to that yard again.
  8. They must like me? :shrug: What were you looking for john?
  9. i went there to see if i could find any of the parts i painted black.

    basically, there was some guy there who is a friend of the owner apparently. they had me put my tools back in my car, took me out there, then didn't pull the parts for me. sent me back to my car, hovered around while i took off the parts, then tried to change pricing on me.

    i left alot of stuff i wanted to pick up for spare parts due to their pricing. center console was $50 without an arm rest and filthy, those coupe quarters they wanted $80, the headliner and visors they wanted $50.

    the greedy ass owner was yelling at the "yard beaner" as they put it, cause he didn't yank out the "rare 200 mph speedometer" before i got there. i looked at it, and it was in kilometers. :shrug:

    not a good experience. mainly the fact they tried changing prices on me.
  10. those prices are rediculous.. the yard beaner is the one i get along with, you just gotta put up with his barely literate stories and laugh along... I can't believe the prices though, he's even asked what i would pay before and i paid that much
  11. thats why i left nearly empty handed. he wasn't in the mood to talk to me though. i guess he just saw a city boy in a pretty white kia? lol.
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