WTB: 2.3L Engine

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  1. The engine in my 90 just let go... No. 4 cylinder has no compression.
    I was going to do a carbbed 302 swap, but I missing some vital pieces (namely a carb, Intake, and engine..lol)
    I need a 2.3 that will last me a few more months. I live in NW ohio and to be totally honest I am dead broke with the Holidays.
    the car is a daily driver, and because of it being down I am borrowing a friends Del Sol. I would MUCH rather be in the Mustang during the ohio winters. SO if anyone with one that they want to sell, please PM, Email or txt me. Thanks in advance!

    Charlie Ridinger
    [email protected]
    419-701-9315 (sprint)
  2. i have a good running motor and tranny from my 88. come get it and you can have both for $150
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.