WTB: 5 lug drum hub(s)

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by Rusty67, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. I need a single drum hub or a pair of drum hubs, either way. I'd prefer a pair. I'm looking for V8, 5 lug hubs of course. If anyone has a pair they would like do get rid of I'd be happy to take them off of your hands. I'm looking to pay no more then 40 bux for the pair plus ship.
  2. sold! PM me your zip and i'll get a shipping quote. i'll take them to the shop on tuesday and get them pressed out of the drum and ship them!
  3. I'm still in the market for these unless I hear from Enferno any time soon.
  4. I think 70-up have a larger bearing. Are you looking for early or late?
  5. Early as I have an early spindle. I think they are the same with different bearings/races. I'll check into that if you have a later setup.
  6. Still looking for a set of hubs...
  7. Have you found them yet?
  8. Still waiting.
  9. I have a set but the drums are still attached. Do you plan on replacing the wheel studs?
  10. If have have to replace the wheel studs I guess I have to, that is not a big deal as long as the hubs aren't damaged. I don't want the drums. As long as the studs stay firmly put in the hub and don't jiggle around I'd be happy. The hubs that came off of my drum setup were damaged and the PO welded the lugs in place on one hub. The other hub was a wreck and I tossed them both.
  11. i FINALLY got my hubs pressed out.

    if you still need, i can ship these by friday
  12. Still need them.
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