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  1. I have a budget of $14,000 which may be able to be pushed a bit for the right car. It must be an automatic as I can not drive a stick due to an injury. I am only interested in V8 cars. I am looking for a nice classic Mustang driver that is rust free and due to the same injury, NOT a project car. I do not have additional funds to do major repairs, paint or bodywork. So I am looking for a complete running car in good driver condition. The cars I prefer are usually more than my budget will allow, but here goes.

    My first choice would be 68' California Special Mustang.

    After that it would be fastbacks and then convertibles and lastly coups. I love big blocks but I doubt my budget will allow for that. If a 69 or 70 then I would only be interested in fastbacks or convertibles.

    I have cash in hand, so if anyone has a car that you think would work for me, please let me know. I am in Calif., so the closer to there the better.


  2. System knowledge about the car
    Auto Suspension System which connects a vehicle to its wheels, consist of Steering System, Driving System, which make up of transmission, clutch, wheel & parts(wheel cylinder), tire & parts, Braking System, which make up of brake shoe, brake disc, brake pad, brake backing plate, slack adjuster arm, brake valve, brake chamber, Brake Hose & Brake Tube, Vacuum Booster, Brake Caliper, brake drum, brake master cylinder and other parts.
  3. 1970 mach 1 for sale frame off restoration marti certified

    i dont know if this is out of your budget but i will entertain all offers

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  4. for more info check ebay listing # 300555676844
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