WTB 69 coupe vinyl top trim peices

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 75 mustang II, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Having trouble finding the trim peices that run from side window to back window along bottom of vinyl top.Bought some parts off ebay but the trim peices must of been for a 68,to short.Any one have any? 75 mustangII
  2. Will pay top dollar for these peices.I know they are a pain to get off but will make it worth your time.The cars finished these are the last peices needed. Thanks
  3. I think 69/70 are the same,I have what I think is off a 68,But I cant use them.They are not in the best of shape .If you can use them, you can have for the price of shipping.I bought a package deal and the other parts were usable.75 mustang II

  4. check the classifieds forum on 69stang.com. i know there are a few guys parting out 69 coupes maybe one of them has the trim pieces. i know how hard they are to find, i spent a good 10 or 11 years looking for mine, this was of course before the advent of ebay and forums like these.
  5. Thanks bnickle,will go check them out.
  6. No luck at 69stang.com.Still looking for the peices.
  7. I have a friend that said if I ever need hard to find mustang parts to give him a call, has he knows some one who knows some one, and so on, and so on. Geez, that sounds like an old shampoo commercial. Long story short, I will be talking to him tonight so I will see what I can drum up.
  8. Thanks snottystang, Im always watching this thread.
  9. My buddy went on holidays so probably won't hear anything till the New Year. Sorry, but I wanted to let you know I didn't forget.
  10. snottystang,Thanks for the update
  11. My contact is back from the Dom. Republic and I will be seeing him on Saturday Jan. 5th so hopefully I will have some news for you either way in a week or so.
  12. Thanks again,snottystang Im still looking.Sure would be nice to find these,spring will be here soon.Rod
  13. Still looking,Havent give up yet
  14. Bump,Still looking
  15. Talked to someone about these and he said there are three different styles. Can you post a pic of the exact ones you are looking for?
  16. Grabber70mach,Will go out and take pictures of the car.Will layout tape measure in picture,To show length.But car was a basket case and dont have any old ones to compare to.75 mustangII Thanks for the replie
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