wtb: 96-98 cobra parts

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  1. i am in need of 96-98 cobra parts:
    complete intake with fuel rail and accessories
    air filter housing and tubing and maf
    cruise control cable
    throttle cable and bracket
    any brand 4v longtube headers
    longtube offroad x-pipe

    email/pm me with lowest price, i will pay with paypal, thanks
  2. I have the air filter housing with a K&N filter <(used) and tubing and maf, cruise control cable, throttle cable and bracket, all used parts off a 98 cobra some scratched or scuffed > not show or like new . E-mail if your interested.
  3. wow

    i need it all, can you email me pics and prices? thanks
  4. still need some 4v parts

    i still need a 96-98 cobra manifold, a set of long tube 4v headers, and a fuel rail from a 99+ up 4v mustang. let me know what you have and how cheap i can get it, thanks
  5. ttt, still need 4v swap parts

    still need 99-04 4v fuel rail, lt headers and off road x, sct tuner for 02 gt, a cold air intake like bbk or jlt, and a complete cobra intake manifold assy.

    thanks to JeremyCanter for hooking me up wit the throttle cable, cruise cable, and brakcet for cheap!

    why are the 96-98 intake manifolds so expensive? i may end up pulling the mark viii b heads an swap on some c heads b/c the intake is so much cheaper, i have the 98 cobra intake cams too, so it will be nice gains over my 2v anyway i go.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.