WTB 99-01 Cobra -What to look for

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  1. Hey guys:

    New to the Mustang world. Sold my 95 Camaro Z28 two months ago. Had it at 365 horse and 410 Lpt when I was done with it. It's time had come.

    How much better is a 99 Cobra than GT?

    What should I look for when test driving these cars?

    Did all 99+ have IRS?

    Thanks very much. :canada:
  2. All 99+ snakes had IRS, yes. And the Cobras are more top end than GT's, but nothing a supercharger can't fix. When test driving, listen for driveshaft vibration, motor and tranny mounts, and all the usual wear and tear stuff. It will be apparent if it has been beaten on.
  3. the 1999 Model snakes needed a "fix" from ford. Check the vin to see if it went in for the recall. The 2001 Model Cobras didn't need this.

    If you can, i would HIGHLY recommend gettin an 03 :drool:
  4. Don't buy anything if it has MAC longtube headers. They "eat" motors because of the lousy casting flash that gets sucked into the motor by the egr. They burn oil notoriosly - search this, or any other forum, for information on this topic. H-pipes or catabacks are OK - just stay away from MAC longtubes. Other brands are OK. But, if there are long tubes on it, ask about oil comsumption.

    Otherwise, I LOVE mine. The play in the IRS driveline "clunks" a little but this is normal. Some '01's have a slight pinging problem. The Tremec 3650 tranny on the '01's has had some problems but mine has been problem free. There is a TSB on this tranny if it's still under warranty, you should probably have it done.

    They are sweet rides. Like the others say, if it's been beat on, you should be able to tell. Most keep their engine compartments very clean and use synthetic oil.

    Good luck.
  5. Comparison wise, a GT doesn't really compete. I traded a 00 GT for my 01 Cobra. No offense to the GT's, they are nice cars, but total package the Cobra is better. Sorry if this offends anyone, totally my opinion.
    Normal wear and tear, is it hard to put in gear or shift while driving. Normal stuff like the other guys listed.
    My 01 Cobra was/is extremely clean inside and out, even the wheel wells are clean.
    Yes, the 99's have a 28 spline while the 01's have a 31 spline, which makes them stronger than the 99's.
    Also, the Cobra is more rare than the GT's. Mine is 1 out of 556 made in Laser Red.
  6. Thanks for the advise. Getting to the comparison question. 99 GT for 10 grand or Cobra for 15K (assuming same miles / condition). That's 50% more.

    I like the idea of a motor with some rev-ability and the IRS is unique. But 5 k more? Does the car drive that much better? I know that the 03 Cobra's are infinately better than a GT, but these years?
  7. I'm still new to the Cobra world myself. I've had a 97 GT and a 00 GT, both were nice cars.
    The Cobra is a whole new animal. The power really kicks in above 3,000 RPM's, it starts putting you back in your seat. I'm still learning to drive mine. The power band is higher than the GT.
    I've also heard the 4v's respond better to mods than the 2v's.
    Also, like I said, don't forget the Cobra is more of a rare car than the GT.
    I am really enjoying my Cobra.
  8. Cobra G:

    What year is your Cobra?
  9. Mine is an 01