wtb catalytic converter, (socal)

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  1. hey im looking for a cheap catalytic converter just so it will pass smog.

    im in southern california local pickup would be good.

    just pm me what you got.
  2. What car

    Are you just looking for a single cat or all four set up... I have four cats on an H-pipe...

    I also have single cat off a 4 cylinder...

    LMK im in North San Diego
  3. ok cool, your like an hr away.

    i dunno man :shrug: just whatever will make it pass smog? its a v8 btw.
  4. Cat

    pM Sent to you
  5. I have an x pipe that has 2 cats in it, its made for LT's, but you could cut the cats out of it. I'm at Camp Pendleton, so between SD and LA.
  6. im in corona btw

    i dunno what an x pipe is? sorry im a noob.

    but it has long tube headers and i think flowmaster mufflers. so i kinda wanna keep that and just weld a cat between the headers and mufflers. theres a few feet of exhaust pipe between them.
  7. An x pipe is the part between the headers and the mufflers. Sounds like this is just what you need. I forgot this is an H, not an x, but it will work the same.
  8. and how much you want for it?
  9. Its just laying around, I'd sell it for $100.
  10. ok and will that fit with the long tube headers? got any measurement of the length?
  11. It is made for long tube headers, yours has a mid pipe right now, you should be able to just unbolt the 4 bolts holding it in and bolt this one in its place. It is hard to be certain though unless you know for sure you have long tube headers and a traditional style catback, not something custom. If you did have a custom setup you could just take this one to a muffler shop and they could cut out the cats and weld them into your setup.
  12. ok, i pm'd you a few days ago.
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