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  1. Looking for black interior for my 98 coupe. I'm tired of the grey interior and am willing to trade some parts. Looking for all black interior with black leather seats. Looking to buy all or piece by piece. If you have any parts email me pics
  2. two front seats that need some cleaning, looking for a $150- power rail does not work.. corona, ny
    IMG951219 (2).jpg IMG951217.jpg
  3. Looking for something with a little less wear thanks though
  4. still looking
  5. Ever consider dying your own interior?
  6. i have a 1994 cobra coupe with all black leather...my car has 22k on it and the interior is in as good of condition as you will ever find...my car is a garage queen and only gets driven on sunny days....never seen rain or snow...back seats and passenger seat look like they are show room new and driver seat has 22k worth of wear on it...no rips or anything but these seats are so "pillowy" they all get normal creasing which mine has...I live in ohio...I can get you pics if your interested but first what are you offering....as I say you will not find a nicer set than mine...
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