WTB - Drum to Disc Adapter Brackets

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  1. Anyone have a set of FRONT drum spindle disc brake adapters (like the photo below) they want to sell?

    Please let me know what you have and price.

  2. Are they front or rear?
    I have a set for the rear, converting 9" small bearing drum to Cobra 11,65" disc. They are from a small run I made in billet machined steel, zinc electroplated for corrosion protection. Because they are made in Euro land and the US$ is like the Titanic (after the iceberg) they come out to $90 + shipping (est. $15 or free if you can wait until I'm in the US again).
  3. Fronts. Sorry, should have put that in my post.

    Thanks for the offer though.
  4. I will take a set...... when are u coming to the states???????

  5. Please Delete Thread

    Brackets no longer needed. Please delete this thread. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.