WTB: Early V8 spindles

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  1. I have a 66' coupe 6 cylinder car, and I want to upgrade to the V8 spindles and steering components. I need to purchase a set of 64.5, 65, 66 V8 spindles to do so. They can be drum spindles, as most of the kits use these spindles now anyway. Let me know what you have, even if you only have a single spindle laying around I might be able to round up a pair that way.
  2. Just need a driver's side spindle now.
  3. I have a pair which I can't separate ($70/pair).

    Did you need anything else? I have a lot of 65/66 suspension/brake stuff that just needs to go to a new home. I have more parts and projects than time.
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  4. PM sent, I'll take em!
  5. Sold!!!
    Thank You
  6. Here's a pic of my car too.:D

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  7. That is nice. We all know that the coupes are faster than the fastbacks (they weigh less). :D

    Those spindles came off this car:

    They worked very well until someone convinced me to go to the larger Boss 302 "big bearing" spindles and a Lincoln brake package.


    At this point, that was a waste of money. :shrug:
  8. Wow, the car looks great!!! I bet it's a blast to race that thing!!! Is is still 289 powered? I'm assuming it is some type of "stock" class it is racing in that probably has certain restrictions. Very cool!!! I'm jealous:rolleyes:
  9. Still looking for a good driver's side spindle for a 66 mustang. Casting number will start with C5DA...
  10. I appreciate everyone's help, I think I have everything I need now.
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