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  1. Good morning:
    i have a mission, which I don't want to consider it impossible.

    i have a 64 1/2 289, auto, 4bbl, generator coupe.
    I am on a mission to put air conditioning in the car. I cant seem to find the rear bracket of the Eaton Pump (which turns 30 degrees) which is necessary for me to be able to install the compressor bracket.

    I know some people may differ on the fact technical name, I am doing my best to describe it as accurately as possible.

    I am attaching a photo of it, or I can email it to anyone. If anyone wants my contact info please let me know or, you can email me, send smoke signals, skywriting, or msg me
    if anyone has a lead on someone who this it would be extremely helpfulll

    Eaton Pump Picture

    Hope that someone can help with this mission. thanks in advance.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.