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  1. I have a '66 Coupe....what I really need are the little connectors where the under dash harness connects to the turn signal harness.

    Trying to replace my turn signal harness at the moment but the guy that used to own the car was a firm believer in cutting off connections to splice / electrical tape things together.

    Eventually I will get around to replacing the under dash harness also but for the time being having some connectors to splice in would be great!

    I keep hoping to find someone with a parts car or a car they are upgrading to a painless system that might want to part with some of these connectors.

    If anyone happens to have some please send me a PM because I would be more than happy to buy them off you.
  2. Posting a picture due to someone's request.

    What I am looking for....from the turn signal switch there are wires that come down the column and exit the lower column on the left hand side. The turn signal switch has some small male plugs that would plug into the female side on the under dash wiring. The female side that would be on the under dash wiring is what I am in need of.

    Circled the applicable part below, I have this part, just need the related part that those in the picture would plug into.

    View attachment 298456
  3. there are 2 sides to that plug, the one on the under dash harness and the plug end on the turn signal harness in the column, do you need the one that is in the column for the wires in the pic or the underdash end.
Thread Status:
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