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Discussion in 'Fox WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by blown1986, Dec 26, 2011.

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  1. looking to buy a f cam or maybe trick flow stage 1
  2. What's your engine combo?
  3. stock block 306 with trick flow 17s and holley system max intake and 50 lb injs and 70 mm turbo kit
  4. these cams seem to work good with a turbbo did you have something else in mind im open to anything or a anderson b451 cam
  5. i had andersons b451 in my car last year when it had the s trim on it but i broke a lifter and it got the lobe on the cam so the cam is junk
  6. Lemme know if you're interested in the b21 at all. Good cam... they recommend 1.7s for boosted aps with it but you can use 1.6 for boosted apps. $215 shipped UPS ground to the lower 48.
  7. do you have the specs for the cam that i could look at
  8. blown1986

    Here are several Anderson cam profiles, including the B-451 you were looking at, to compare it too. Note the profile with the 1.7 RRs as well.

    B-1.......220/222 .490/.530 110
    B-2.......218/224 .524/.544 w/1.6 rocker 112
    B-21.....218/226 .542/.542 w/1.7 rocker 272/280 112 108
    B-25.....218/226 .544/.544 w/1.7 rocker 272/280 112
    B-3 ......218/226 .542/.542 w/ 1.6 rocker
    B-31.....218/228 .544/.544 w/1.6 rocker 270/280 112 108
    B-4.......224/232 .542/.563 112
    B-41 ...228/236 .544/.544 w/1.6 rocker
    B-451..232/240 .576/.576 w/1.6 rocker 112
    B-4R....226/234 .544/.544 w/1.6 294/302 (renegade cam)
    B-61.....240/248 .576/.576 w/1.6 rocker 112
  9. what motor did you originally buy the b21 cam for its easy for me to text 309 267 7550
  10. blown1986

    I bought the cam and a buttload of other parts along with an 89 Mustang from a dude that had to move. So I'm putting the car back together N/A and it's already got an N51 installed. So... No real need for the blower cam.
  11. ah i see what kind of power are guys making with this cam
  12. That relies TOTALLY on the rest of the build. You just need to figure out whether this cam fits your build. If you're running a turbo 306 with stock compression pistons along with boost, then the B21 should be a good match.

    As for how much power... :shrug: Too many variables to say. It's a blower cam designed for stock style pistons.
  13. ive got just a basic dss lower end in a stock block ive been trying to find some builds that other people have done with that cam and not having much luck
  14. blown1986

    It's a pretty purpose specific cam. The dude I got it from was planning to install it into a stroker block with a set of aluminum 205 heads and an intercooled Vortec V1 S-Trim. He chose it because he was using stock style pistons (normal compression ratio and valve reliefs) and 58CC combustion chambers.

    What I gathered was that he planned to use his E7 heads until the new ones arrived (and were built up) and swap to the 205s and retain the B-21.

    The rest of his combo was a typhoon intake, 75mm TB, and 90mm Lighting MAF. He never finished it so I've no idea what what the whole combo would have ended up making.

    I couldn't (in good conscience) put it all together like he was planning then end up having some teenager buy it and die in a fireball in excess of 150 mph. :rlaugh:

    So... I'm putting it back together in the form of a built N/A setup and selling off the pieces that aren't required.

    I also have the RRs he was going to use. I'd have to look to see if they are 1.6 or 1.7. Hell... I have the heads, valves, springs and all the other goodies too, for that matter.
  15. im wanting to make 550 to the tire
  16. let me know on the rockers
  17. blown1986

    The rocker arms are Ford 302 7/16" 1.7 . I'm not sure what brand they are but I have them new in the box.

    The cam is also still in the box:

    ...and you'll likely need one of these too:

    Now... about your 550 RWHP target. I'm not a fan of that power level on a stock block whether you have a stud girdle or not. I would imagine that if tune were SUPER GOOD and because you're running a turbo as a power adder that it might last you a while however... That is not a power level that I would be shooting for with anything less than an A4 or Dart Sportsman block. It's a matter time before it splits in half and in my opinion... the stud girdle just holds the pieces together after the motor grenades.

    Were it my motor... I would keep it in the 450 RWHP range. You can work that out with your tuner though.

    I also have an ARP stud kit to go with the rockers.
  18. i have a stud girle and lifter valley girdle what r u wanting for the cam and lifters
  19. blown1986

    $215 shipped for the cam
    $175 for the rocker arms
    $30 for the rocker arm studs (these are ARP)

    and if I ship it all in one box, (ground shipping)

    Let's call it $435 (all of it) shipped since I don't know what the weight of the lifters and studs will actually be.
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