WTB: Fox Body Parts Needed for The Infamous Project

Discussion in 'Fox WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by INFAMOU$, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey Guys I am looking for the following parts for the 1989 Mustang GT Convertible which will be featured in my project! Please let me know what you have via PM or email to [email protected]

    - 2.5" cowl or Ram air hood
    - Cobra wing for a coupe/vert
    - Rust free coupe trunk lid (so i don't have to weld all the holes!)
    - FMS "C" springs (MUST be C)
    - Aftermarket shocks and struts (tokico, koni, bilstein, NO KYB please)
    - Smoked headlights and taillights
    - Flowmasters or any nice aftermarket mufflers with flow pipes
    - CAI
    - Will consider complete Vortech A trim kit
    - 5 bolt rear axles
    - Rear disc brake parts
    - Black leather seats

    That should about do it unless you happen to have something you think would go great on the car then let me know!
  2. i have a SCT Chip :D 150 plus shipping lmk
  3. Thanks for the offer, but i need to get the priority parts first :)
  4. I have 5 lug axles. email me if still interested. whitettopstang87 @ yahoo.com -Ron
  5. I have a cervini storman norman hood in good condition 2.5 cowl with ram air scoops in fromnt if your interested please PM me
  6. How much for the hood? Please PM me the info.. I will need shipped to NY..

  7. what color seats are in your car now..i see you were looking for black ones is why i asked..if yours are grey leather i am interested if you are selling
  8. Car currently doesn't have seats as the ones that were in it were shot! Sorry
  9. figures all i needed was the rear seat too
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