WTB Fox Body Roller..

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  1. REALLY WOULD PREFER A LIGHT BLUE (some call it bimini, others call ford, I call it sky blue) hatchback..but will consider verts, or notches...Needs to have NO RUST, faded paint jobs are ok...just about any color, but not too fond of red...Will also consider 4cyl cars, as long as there is no rust...
    I am located in the southsuburbs of Chicago, Illinois
    Steve Chambers
  2. 89 gt

    Hey Steve, did you ever find the car you were looking for?
  3. u still looking 4 a car?
  4. GAstang

    Yes, I have a 1979 pace car,//less eng./trans//comes with draglites,Hurst line lock//B/M racket shifter//2000.00Also have a eng./trans.<302 supercharged>2500.00 or the combo for 4000.00[email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.