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  1. Hey, I live in Missouri, and I am lookingto buy a hatch(fastback) MII. I really would like to find a 77/78 T-tops, that can be restored. I don't really want a special car, like a king cobra, or a cobra II, because I am just putting my built Turbo 2.3 in it, and putting a king cobra body kit on it.

    I have decided that if I /have/ to, I will settle for a hard top.

    I am not interested in a v8, any special motor. I just want to be able to gimp it home, and start prepping it for a new paint job, and new trans, ect.. ect..

    Please, if anyone knows of a MII that is in an ok condition for sale, let me know.

    Thank you guys, Floyd.
  2. Depending on what price range you're looking at, I may have a '77 Cobra II body. No t-tops though.