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  1. Just sold my '91 notch and looking for my next Fox. Willing to travel a day or so from southern NJ for the right car. Looking to spend maybe $3-5000 give or take. I don't mind mild projects but I'd prefer something I could drive while I work on it.

    I really want another notch with a manual trans but I'd consider a nice GT. Maybe an automatic if everything else was right. Not interested in hatchbacks or convertibles. No race cars, 4cyl conversions, or carburetors. Mods are OK. Would also like AC system to be complete.
  2. 1993 coupe

    got some pictures of my coupe. send me a pm with your #.
  3. PM sent!
  4. mustang for sale

    got a 92 notch its is a four cyl 5 speed but its clean and runs great also have work done. Have upper and lower control arms with an rebuild 8.8 rear with 410 gears all new from drum to drum with reciepts saleen struts and shocks front spindals are also swap out from a v8 with calipers pads rotors lines and all, cold air intake, ranger header with high flow cat and brand new piping. front to back. ac is there and does work but has a leak when charged its does work for awhile converted to 134a, did the heater core last winter and tuned up not long ago, swap out the front seats from a 95 mustang and its power on driver side. almost forgot has draglite front and back with 255 on the rear and 205 on the fronts. also have other things not installed yet like sub frame connectors, msd box, weather stripping, door pins and new interior door clips Let me know call if interested. 908 616 1774 im in clark nj $2400 come and get it.
  5. HI i have a 1993 notchback 5.0 5 speed all stock but exahust brand new bbk xpipe and flowmaster with stainless tips the body need work some rust but the strut towers are good.
    call (978) 828-3114 ian in dracut,ma 01826 asking $4,000 with a/c and power windows
  6. pm me you email or number i have 91 notch that is exactly what you are looking for.
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