Wtb Or Trd For Spearco Svo Intercooler

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  1. looking for a spearco intercooler for an svo .
  2. I dont htink they still make them....becides I think someone on here said they wernt that good for the price.


    Thats what i want to get, its right where I think I wont go any bigger but thats untill I can get a bar and plate design intercooler.
  3. Ok thanks ill take a used one just dont want to hack up the svo.
  4. still make them

    They still make them. The price tag is like 1400. Are they any good. It depends? I picked up 18hp at the dyno on my spearco? But we saw almost the same gane with a NPR. But the price tag difference was like 1000. If you dont have the time ,tallent, or materials the spearco is a direct drop in. But some people have more money than time. It took us about 14 hrs of labor to get the NPR to work which include finding the rad and all the tubing needed.

  5. yeah...if you can afford a sparco intercooler(if they still make it) go for it....but I think a front mount is the better way to go.