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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by hotrodredneck, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. I need two parking light lenses for my 64...cant touch em on ebay for under 40 bucks....anyone have a set they want to sell?
  2. Are you wanting them coded 64?
  3. doesnt matter, as long as they are amber, fit, and dont have cracks....I cant pass inspection if they are cracked...my car is far from original anyway...lol
  4. do you need the backups lights for the rear, or the marker lights for the front?

    i have both . .i'll let go whichever you need for reasonably cheap.
  5. Well I just remembered, the '64 fronts are clear with amber bulbs. '65 is when they went to amber with clear bulbs.
  6. just found out, after I got the vin plate, my car is a 65
  7. FWIW...
    I elected to put the clear lenses with the amber bulbs in my car as I think they look much cleaner...:nice:
    (my car is a 65 fastback,gt350R valance,painted Urban grey w/reflex silver stripes)
  8. hmmm....i wanna see that
  9. I am not very adept in regards to posting pics.
    Here are some pics of the car.


    I will try to find a better pic with the clear turn signal lenses.
    The amber just did not work for me with the Grey paint:notnice:

    FYI..The Banner on the windshield is gone. That was for a promotional event...

  10. Is that true? Cuz my 64 front is amber.
  11. I am pretty sure that the 64 1/2 cars came with the clear turn signal lenses and used an amber bulb. In 65 they went to an amber lense.
    When I ordered my clear lenses the catalog referenced them as a 64 1/2.
  12. Correct. How about DOT legal led units? I have them on our website for $49 for the pair clear with amber led or amber lense.

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