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  1. I am looking for a few diff things for my 88 coupe:​
    All black interior (I have seats, headliner, carpet, and package tray)​
    2 Front center caps for Weld Draglites (part 6055093)​
    Lakewood 90/10 front struts (part40511) and 50/50 rear shocks (part 40301)​
    Aftermarket rear upper and lower control arms​
    Eibach drag launch springs (part 9310)​
    3 Guage pillar pod for 2 1/16 guages (would b willing to trade my 2 guage pod)​
    Cowl Vent guage pod​
    Brake proportioning valve​
    Stainless brake line kit (part 693010)​
    Hawk brake pads (part hb263f.650)​
    Also looking for 2v boltons and/or power adders.....​

  2. Hey I have a brand new line lock kit $70...i have some eibach dl springs too
  3. whats ur thoughts on the moroso springs compared to the eibach, or any others??
  4. Ive only used the Eiback fronts, had great success with them actually... Ill let them go cheap, make me an offer, are you intrested in the line lock?

    Hey we were talking N2O was it for the 2V, I was thinking carb....I might be able to do something for that cheaper.
  5. Ill prob wait on the line lock.....Would b interested in N2O for my 2v or my carb app. How cheap u talkin on the springs and is it front and rear or just ur fronts??
  6. Make me an offer and they are yours
  7. Front and rears or jus fronts??
  8. as cheap as possible lol u tell me...??
  9. Still need these parts for my 86 GT: (used is ok)
    COMPLETE nitrous kit for carb motor ( need purge kit also)
    Ceramic long tubes and o/r x or h pipe (to fit auto tranny)
    Power pulleys
    MSD plug wires
    Stall converter (nothin crazy, would like Sat. night special or smthn close)
    275/50/15 drag radials
  10. hows $50 bucks on the springs, I have a brand new set of MAC underdrives, gloss black

    Dont get MSD wires, go Taylor
  11. I have a set of underdrive pulleys for $50 shipped

    [email protected] if interested. also have grey interior parts if you would be willing to paint them. I've had success with black vinyl paint
  12. Thanks but sold the 86 and am debating painting my red stuff if i cant find black pieces
  13. Need valve covers for my 2v windsor! Possibly intake/elbow/TB combo? Steeda CAI? Polished pulleys? PM me if you have any of this!
  14. Edited - TTT
  15. i have maximum motorsports SS lines and hawk pads. all with maybe 150 miles on them. im in chicago.
  16. Is it the 2 front and 1 rear line kit like part 693010? Which hawk pads? Price shippd to 72756??
  17. PM sent...
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