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  1. Hey guys, I heard they put these Regatta Blue Twead in other Ford vehicles, so I'm looking for a set for the front of my LX. I want them to be mint or close to mint and would be interested in other Regatta Blue seats as well. I'm deleting the back seat, so just need the front two. Let me know.
  2. Yea, those would work. I just need it to match up to the stock Regatta Blue interior to the car, don't need to be the original seats, just comfortable and match up.
  3. Do you carry those seats or another style in that color with more cushioning?
  4. I'm not sure which frames you currently have, but if you have a 1984-89 high back GT bucket currently, you could install new SVO Mach 1 foams and upholstery like this model:

    But we would do the front insert section in regatta blue tweed and the sides/back in regatta blue vinyl. We could also do the red stripe in this image, in the regatta blue vinyl to break up the tweed insert.

    If you have a picture, or can find an image in my albums, of which seat you currently have in your car i can give better specifics on what your options are.

    And we def. sell the buckets only, so you wouldn't have to buy the whole set.
  5. I just have the stock LX seats. Which are pretty plain, all cloth, no tweed on them or have the shape like the GT's. So that is why I was looking for the whole seat to upgrade.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.