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  1. hey guys!

    I am on the hunt for something with issues. Something that you can not fix or just dont care to fix and cut your loss now.

    My requirements!
    1996-up GT/cobra/lightning/gt500
    Must be a clean title (unless using for parts car)
    I do not care if its a auto or manual transmission
    prefer something with engine or transmission issues

    as always CASH IN HAND!

    I am located in west chester PA. I have a trailer and can easily pick something in the tri-state area and I am willing to deal with shipping vehicles.

    Price: depends on what is it, condition, ect!

    thanks everyone

    I have the same s/n on svtperformance and corral if anyone wants to check my ratings.
  2. i dont know if your interested but im selling my 05 mustang GT. its in great shape other than a couple of small scratches and i think one of the speakers is blown. the biggest problem is that i live in chicago. i am planning on fixing these issues but i saw your post and thought id send a message. sorry not trying to waste your time, but like i said figured it would be worth a try
  3. really looking for stuff with a blown motor or trans sorry
  4. Whats your phone # or email adress I have a 2001 Cobra with issues or call me at 5635282066 or email me [email protected] Wayne
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.