Wtb Supercharger For 2012 Which Would Be Best??

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by earingwcr, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Planning on purchasing a charger for my 12 GT car has minor mods, full exhaust, cai, tune and 373s. Shooting for 600rwhp, I prefer centrifugal blowers..whats everyones thoughts on the Paxton Novi 2200, Vortech V3sc, Procharger D1SC. I plan to throw on Boss intake or new MMR mani with 90mm TB and built lower. For now ill be running low boost on stock internals...which has the best kit any concers to either kit?? Also would I be better off getting tuner kit and doing my own injector selection since I have a tuner??
  2. The Paxton Novi kits have been very effective although Im a Procharger guy at heart the D series gets you into a better component blower (bearings, shafts, seals etc).... If your looking at 20psi or more the MMR intake is the way to go, I just did one for a custom build I am doing with a 91mm turbo.

    As far as injector goes, I'd go 60-80lb inj and work with a local dyno tuner to tune the car. Bob Kurgan is located in Braselton Ga and would be a very good choice for tuning.
  3. On the coyote motors I would not boost more than 10 to 12psi stock internals. Personaly I like the TVS for the coyote motors mine is a roush 2300 TVS only at 7psi boost at 55o rwhp. On my set up to hit 600 all I would need is cat deletes and a 82mm pulley and re tune would gain me 600+. If I was to go any higher than that I would first upgrade the pistons rods, and oil pump gears.