WTB T-5 Bellhousing and A9L computer and maf wiring harness

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  1. if you have any of these parts please contact me (501)-658-3758

    Alsoo a complete fuel rail system fir a 5.0
  2. What year harness do you need ?
    I have all years available reconditioned w/ zero broken connectors
  3. Not all 87-93 harnesses are the same

    1987-1988 is speed density (no MAF meter)
    California 1988-1989 all other states
    1990 only
    1991-mid 1992
    mid 1992-1993

    Let me know what year vehicle is, if your not sure what year harness you need let me know and I can help you determine.
  4. yes i am aware of that im sorry i didnt make that clear i need the mass air i dont NOT want the speed density. do you happen to have a maf wiring harness?
  5. I have all the above harnesses available
    Just pick the year harness you need from above
  6. I have everything, Text me at 8608055038
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.