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  1. I am converting my 67 Fastback to a T-5 setup since I am putting a 5.0 roller motor in it.

    I am in need of a complete conversion set up, flywheel, shifter relocator, hydraulic set up (preferably). I will have my driveshaft cut and balanced here locally, so I don't need a driveshaft.

    Let me know what you have!
  2. Hi,

    Do you still need these T-5 conversion parts?

  3. T-5 stuff

    Yea, my project got put on hold for a while due to my son going through a really nasty divorce. I hope to get back on it asap.

    What do you have, and how much?

    Please send me some pics: [email protected]
  4. T-5 Conversion


    Sorry to hear about your son's divorce situation.

    Do you also need a crossmember and what T-5 are you using? Do you have tag from the transmission? What year roller motor are you using? I assume this engine has the 50 oz for the vibration damper. Did you leave the stock serpentine belt setup or switch back to the v-belts?

  5. i have all the parts here at my shop, i just converted a 67 and 68 coupe recently, among 69 and 73 mustangs recently. i make some of the parts here like the crossmember and such, give me a call and i can help you out. i am also a ford master tech, i specialized in rebuilding all t-5s and manual shift trannys. i have several units ready to go and road tested for quality assurance. i am told i have the best prices around.
    ask for tim
  6. Conversion parts

    Tim, I appreciate the response. Still having to support my son, but, I sure would like to do this conversion.
    I will PM you with where I am at on the motor, and we can go from there.
  7. that sounds good, just let me know when you get around to it. thanks
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