WTB Under dash AC unit!

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  1. Have a -66 mustang and need a under dash ac unit. I know other years vill fit as well.

  2. Underdash Unit

    I have a 66 Underdash unit. Wiring is good. Blower motor works great. Controls work as they should. Case is not cracked. Drain tube is not broken. Chrome is DD quality. I even have four brand new registers that I will sell with the unit if you want them-- price will be right.

    Will take $250.00 OBO.

    I also have one of the silver faced units in the same condition if you would prefer it.

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  3. $200 shipped to zip 33301 and we have a deal.
    Give me your paypal address, if you agree.

  4. Counter

    Make it $225.00 and its a deal.

    PayPal is [email protected]
  5. AC

    $225.00 and I throw in the new registers. :)
  6. Don't know what registers are. Can you explain?
  7. Registers

    Sure! They are the little round vents in the front that rotate. They normally get faded and don't look pretty. Mine are brand new.
  8. Ok sounds good. I have sent the money thru paypal today. Send me tracking number when you sent it out.


  9. AC shipped!!

    Let me know if / when FedEx sends you notification.

    Thanks again!

  10. Got track number this morning.

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