WTB: V8 Spindles

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  1. Looking to buy a set of V8 spindles.
  2. My recommendation would be to go to car-parts.com, and enter the year you're looking for; I did that when I was searching for spindles, and found a LOT of entries, with some as low as $40 including drums (I was looking for drum spindles).

    Alternatively, you can search for just about any year of Granada or Monarch spindles, and those will fit early Mustangs as well.
  3. I have a set of granada spindles w/ 11" rotors if you are just looking for front disc brakes, if you are looking for the original stuff though, well it turns out I dont have it(even though I thought I did before installing my mustang II suspension)
  4. I have a set of spindles, I will take the part number and see what they are.
    let you know
  5. Spindles

    Interseted as well in a set of v8 spindles if anyone still has a set. Thanks
  6. I have 2 sets available. 67 v8 spindles.
Thread Status:
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