WTB: windshield 65-68 Mustang

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a orginal front windshield for 65-68 Mustang I have broken windshield on my 66 Mustang let me know. I live in Fort Worth Tx 76137
  2. John's Mustang has the best price I've ever seen but check on the shipping costs. I called every local glass shop and didn't find one for under $500 :jaw:
  3. 65 windshield works on a 67????
  4. Yea... 65-68 use the same front glass... Unless you have a concourse restoration, I'd go with a replacement glass, available from any autoglass business... I've never lost points at an MCA car show for mine...
  5. GA Pony farm, what price did you give for your replacement? I was quoted over $500 from every shop I called(10 to 15 glass shops), but John's Mustang has it for about half that price plus shipping.
    I inquired about the rear glass and it was the same price at the local glass shops; that would mean it would cost over $1,000 for frt. and back replacement!
  6. Windshied

    Well I can find reproduction for just under $100.00, the problem I run into is that the glass is about 1/2 the thickness of the orignal and very easy to break.... I need to find a Carlite brand and see how much they go for.... About a week ago I tried to install a reproduction glass made in Japan, I had about 5 " left to seal the windshield and I snapped the glass into a million pieaces. I was beyound pissed, I had to clean all the Buytl sealer off the car and buy a new seal as well as a windshield. The reason it snapped is that in order to get a good seal, you have to pry up the rubber gasket and fill the inside with buytl sealer, " its a protelum based rubber sealer.. ; "very messy" so that is the reason I'm looking for Orginal windshield "or something just the same thickness. Thanks for your help Gents
  7. the problem i have is , how do you get the crome off without chipping the paint . i did one befor we painted and stupidley we didn't do the front gasket, and now we need to it ??