Brakes WTF-ABS Light constantly on-changed ABS module.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 99 FLA PONY GT, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. My ABS light has been on for years. When I went to the Ford stealer/dealer, they said it was the ABS module & the price to fix it was like $800 so I said f**k it I'll live without abs & traction control since the abs problem also affects the traction control.
    Years ago I upgraded my brakes from the GT brakes to the Bullitt ones which are basically the Cobra ones with nicer calipers. Dont remember if the light came on when I did the upgrade since it was so long ago.
    Finally this January, I decided to get this fixed. I bought a used abs module & the mechanic said one of the lines was cut too close so I had to get another one. Got the newer one installed & the light came back on & the mechanic then tells me that because I'm running staggered size tires that will cause the light to stay on. I'm running 295/35ZR18s in rear & 245/40ZR18s up front. The difference is I think miniscule like .4. I disagree with that. He also told me the right
    front sensor was bad so I bought a new one & changed it but the f**king light is still on. Do I have to change the other 3 sensors & pray to Pope Francis that it'll fix the ABS & Traction Control issues. WtF. :(
  2. Just went through this myself. What were the codes? Do you still have the OEM module? If so, send it to Cheap ABS Inc. (Google it). He will inspect it and repair it if needed (there are solders that are bad on the motherboard of them most likely.

    It most likely isn't the tires or the sensors unless the module is throwing a code for it, also make sure the module has both plugs plugged into it (one on the bottom of the unit underneath the bracket and the other is under the airbox with a safety clip (power connection).