WTF? c4 trans question

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  1. help please!

    last week i rebuilt the c4 in my cougar using a TCI rebuild kit and installed a shift kit, and it works great in every gear except 3rd.
    it goes into gear solid, shifts real quick between 1st and 2nd, but it will not shift into 3rd at all, itjust stays in 2nd,
    i already dropped the valvebody down and checked out the 2-3 shift valve and it slides freely in its bore, so im not sure what to do now.
    any ideas???? its been sittin in my garage for too long now and i wanna get out and drive it!!!
    thanks in advance :hail2:
  2. Did you try adjusting the vacuum modulator valve?
  3. Check to make sure the spring on the passing gear linkage is pulling the lever in the right direction.

    Don't ask me how I know. :D

  4. If everything checks out and you did not put a new governor in during the rebuild then do so. I have had this problem more then once after a rebuild and it has always been the governor. Don't ask me why. I was told this over 25 years ago by a tranny expert. My first rebuilt C4 would not shift out of first. Called him and he told me to drive it over even though it was about 15 miles away. Started shifting into second about halfway there and started shifting to 3rd on the way home. He told me he thought the drive would probably solve the probem but this is one reason he always puts in a new governor on a C4.
  5. I had a tranny like that which supposedly had a shift kit put into it. I found that to get into 3rd gear required me to manually shift there when it was time. So in other words, I had to start with the shifter in a lower gear and get into 2nd and then shift into 3rd when I was ready. Only 3rd need the extra help.

    I didn't like it and later swapped it out for a manual tranny.
  6. Did it work correctly before you put the shift kit in it? Did you get all the ball checks back in and in the correct locations?