WTF dark theme?

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  1. Am I the only one that see's this black version of SN? Hard to read, how do we revert back?

  2. bottom left where it says "bluemoon" Click it, you'll figure out the rest
  3. What portion(s) are hard to read?
  4. It wasn't really hard to read Noobz,'s just easier to read the white version. I like the black/white contrast better when white is the back ground.
    But, I'll switch it back if it makes you feel better.:baby:
  5. sorry noobz, same here. then again I have bad eyes.
  6. haha thanks, I guess I'm getting old. Blue links on black are hard to read imo as well as the white over grey. :p New look is cool though, I just have bad eyes lol
  7. No worries... I'm running a modified version of the dark skin that has a gray, gradient background. I may switch the dark skin to this background too.
  8. Ok dudes... try this:

    I've modeled another template after the Dark theme. I've made it selectable but only for a short time. Take a look at it and provide feedback here.
  9. Moving this thread to feedback and testing forum
  10. Not bad, I'd make the gradient #464444 (a tad darker)

    and this #4780c1 or #4d8dd4 for the blue links.

  11. I did quite a bit of experimenting with this gradient. It's a compromise so that if someone cuts/pastes from a WYSIWYG word processor to the rich editing window here, it can still be read.

    Gotta remember that the native text color for the dark theme isn't always followed when folks post from other products.
  12. Yeah, designing for things like this is pretty hard and tons of experimenting.
  13. So here's the compromise. This isn't the ideal color for this background but it's still totally readable when this text color happens.
  14. A huge improvement, in my opinion. My eyes really like the black background, but the dark format make black text almost unreadable. Having the gray text box makes even the black useful. I like it.
  15. I've considered lightening the text box even more but if it gets too light then the normal text will be harder to see. As it is... the normal text is very easy to see while the dark is at least visible.
  16. love the modified theme
  17. I like the Noobz DarkBlueMoon. That was weird to type.

  18. LOL... I want to give that theme a couple days for folks to look at and if the consensus stays what it is, I'll get the boss' blessing to make it THE dark theme.
  19. The only issue I have with it and it might not be the skins fault. In the 94-95 Sticky the links are dark blue and hard to read. Is dark blue default for links on this site?
  20. No. Blue is not the default for ANY text that's not hyperlinked. It's a simple matter to go in there and change the text to default though. I'll hop over there and take a look at it.