WTF has a new meaning to me.....

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  1. Why allways The Ford when it come's to things breaking down here.
    Then again she is turning 40 next year.:)
  2. well said...unfortunately though it's very true :(

    mine will be over the hill too hehe
  3. Maybe thats another reason we love 'em so....all that quality bonding time :bang:
  4. haha yes its true but sad and when 1 small thing breaks everything breaks.......
  5. ha ha, I came up w/ that because my brother who's a church goer got tired of hearing me cuss constantly when one thing would break right after we fixed another on my Stang.

    He told me I have to stop cussin so much if he was going to keep helping me out so I said OK, from now on I'll say "Why allways The Ford" instead of WTF NOW is broken!!!!:rlaugh:

    And so a new phrase was born that day:)

    After he wrapped his knuckles really good when a wrench slipped on the front end it really got funny when he was looking for some choice words like I use but he couldn't use anything but lame stuff like "owww, darn that hurts":rlaugh:

    It looked painfull enough to me to be at least a "you no good MF-ing SOB Friggin POS!!!:rlaugh: Ahhh sometimes it's good to be bad.
  6. haha ya i know what you mean by that i had my grandfather over of a little while and was watching and helping me out in the garage and i was taking my door of to put a new one on and my wrench slipped off and my hand ran into the door pretty hard and i wanted to yell F**k you you stupid pos door