wtf, how is this possible

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  1. this is concerning the edlbrock performer package

    on a 302 engine it will produce about 250 ft/lbs of torque at 5000rpm. [​IMG]

    On a 351 engine it will produce about 225 ft/lbs of torque at 5000rpm. [​IMG]

    How does a 302 produce more top end torque than a 351?
  2. By the 351 not breathing enough to make power I guess. I would interpret this to say that this is not the optimal package for a 351 and it is time to look up one notch in their product line....or at a different company's solution altogether.
  3. I would not trust those charts, they should use the exact same chart if you ask me. Notice the torque #'s on the chart differ. Makes it harder to understand, but it seems before 5000 it has a lot more than the 302, and it should I would think. Again, look at other alternatives. I think, if the charts were the same, to compare would be much easier.
  4. Peak torque is significantly higher for the 351. ~330 vs ~285. It appears it significantly falls off at higher RPMs. Kinda wierd. The performer package is suppost to give a nice flat torque curve.
  5. They fall off so quick because the engine is being choked after it reaches ~3500 rpms. I bet if you threw just a Performer RPM Air Gap on those engines they would each breathe much better and make way better numbers
  6. Putting in better intake manifold would not always help, especially with stock heads which is usually gets choked past 4,000 rpm.