WTF i got kicked off TF

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  1. i got to sign in and it says "Sorry, either your membership has not yet been approved or the board administrators have removed your ability to post to this board. We cannot allow you to perform this action as a result. " :bang: :mad: :bs: :notnice: . and i dont even recall doing anything bad or saying anyhting couldnt they just have pmed me warning of something?? :bs:
  2. if they'll fix it I promise not to use your name and password anymore.
  3. Did you send a reply to the TF email that checked for inactive accounts and bad email addresses? If not that's why you got booted.

  4. TF told me no from the get go. Why is this? I'm not a bad person i love all animals and humans. hehe
  5. i think thats what it was, stupid me :doh:
  6. You probably didn't read the user agreement and therefore didn't make sure you fit the criteria (free email accounts not allowed being one).

  7. what do you meen like hotmail
  8. Hotmail is free so yes.

    If you signed up before whatever date it says in the user agreement though then you are ok as long as it is a valid email.

    Hint: Read the user agreement...then I don't have to interpret it for you ;)

  9. What's TF?
  10. TF is a secret organization made up of individuals who strive to excell in
  11. :mad:
  12. I'm guessing its probly something to do with Turbos and Fords. Now that is just a uneducated guess :)
  13. You may be on to something there. ;)
  14. I'd rather be turbo than blown!
  15. You must be a pretty happy guy then
  16. You keep up with my life now?
  17. TF is Turboford. And yes due to the high number of bounce backs from dead email addresses they made a rule saying they will no longer accept accounts on free email made after a certain date.
  18. i think ha was a memeber there since Sept. 02 any way to get my old SN back??