wtf is car and driver smoking

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  1. Yeah this is true. This motor is really going to be awesome. My main fear is the new ecu. I have a 2003 VW GTI, it's also drive by wire and the ecu is a monster. I'm tellin you its going to take a while before someone cracks that ecu. For DIY'ers this ecu is going to suck, if its anything like the VW is very sensitive and looks for specific values. It will cut timing, throw codes, go into limp mode, and anything else necessary if it thinks something is abnormal. One of my biggest complaints with the GTI is BIG BROTHER(ecu), so the fact that the new stang is DBW just like the GTI and has the newest OBD regs, I'm SCARED. I guess the worst case scenerio is we'll just have to use stand-alone engine management(which is pricey). Now my GTI is turbo so maybe it won't be as bad as the NA V8. Hopefully Ford kept us in mind when designing this ecu. However, just talking strictly motor I can't wait to see the dyno sheets on this new motor. Does anyone have the redlines of both(3v,4v) motors? Coming from the import world I love a lofty redline.