WTF is goin on here

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  1. Hi, im trying to find some door speakers to replace my mach460 ones but every website i have gone to that has a "what fits my vehicle" feature shows different sizes, they are 6x8's right ? what else would fit in the hole?

    polk audio 's website says that ALL of the speakers in the car are 5.25
    :bang: :bang: :bang:

    this site is telling me there are 2 front speakers, one 6" in the door and one 5.25" somewhere else up front ?? (can someone tell me where this one is)

    one more question:
    if i got componets will the tweeter fit in the existing pods?
  2. its a 5x7, some 6x8 will fit. you can put a 5.25 in thier but its not a factory fit
  3. 6x8,5x7, and even 5.25 will fit with adapters.
  4. dude , thiers only 1 place to shop for speakers and thats if you do decide to go with 5 1/4's they will provide you with the easy instaltion kit for free. they also provide the wiring for plug and play for free too!:nice:
  5. im lookin the infiniti reference, i think these 2 are the same
    crutchfield = $200
    etronics = $115
    im sure they are great and everything but for the price its not worth it thanks tho man
    anyone have these installed?
  6. A 6.5 is relatively simple, and an 8" will fit with a bit of work also.
  7. Be careful with etronics. I've ordered some stuff from there with no problem. But many people have been burned by them. I was about to order a headunit from them but I passed due to the customer service problems others report. I consider myself lucky I didn't get burned the first time.