WTF is up with this world??

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  1. I was just on the Motor Trend's website to vote for the Mustang as my favorite car at NAIAS and I saw the poll for favorite concept so I looked them over and voted for the Cobra concept. I noticed the Dodge Sling Shot has more votes so I decided to check out this "BADASS" concept. After all it has to be very badass to beat the Cobra. Turns out it’s a 100hp 3 cylinder that does 0-60 in 10 secs. WTF is up with that? I guess I just don't understand the logic.
  2. I don't get it either. Motor Trend is a pretty weak publication, though, so maybe it says more about Motor Trend readers than anything else.
  3. Sounds like an actual rubber-band powered Sling Shot would have more torque. WTF is that little thing? Is it a sports car? An economy car? Does it do ANYTHING well?

  4. GM has something similar to that as well. It's supposed to cater to the folks who like the Mini styling, but unfortunately, the entire domestic market does not understand the reason the Mini is doing well. It's ultra lightweight, it's tiny, and it's got a reasonably peppy four-banger, not to mention it has the best handling of any car under $100,000. Bringing out a car that's styled similar isn't going to work. It's like Toyota and trucks... don't bother, because you don't understand the market.
  5. I think it is a Mini fighter!
  6. It looks like a mini mini cooper. Is it a 1 seater or what?

    Apparently people like the ugliest cars they can find.
  7. If this and the Chevy "Nomad", and Mazda "don't remember the name" small show cars (All are at NAIAS) are competitors to the Mini, it just shows that they don't grasp the Mini. They seem like pretenders to the actual "Britishness" of the mini, which survives it's german cross-breeding. Building a small car is not the whole thing. Building a small car that has good power and low weight, with high efficiency, and more importantly, unique style. That is where most pretenders come up short. This Crysler misses all the points. So did their supercar four-twelve concept. what an ugly mess.

    Looking at the Mustang, Five Hundred and Freestyle, it should be no wonder why Ford is getting better while GM and Chrysler are still having problems with their cars.
  8. Maybe the people who are voting for these FUGLY cars are braindead Gen Xers and Gen Yers. From a poll that was taken a little while back, these are the only two groups of people who actually like these type of FUGLY vehicles. I am scared to see what our great country is going to be like when these people start running our country in the next 10 years.
  9. yuck!!! It seems to be the current trend to make the ugliest car you possibly can.
  10. I would take a Mini over that thing any day.
  11. if im gonna get a small car, ide get an elise
  12. I see it like this. Most mature auto fans have realized Motor Trend is BS, so the only ones buying into it at all are the younger/more ignorant crowd. Most of these cannot afford a supercar like the Cobra, and instead of accepting this, pretend not to like it, to help themselves cope. They see the sling shot, which might actually be in their price range, and say, "that's a cool car" even though it isn't, because they realize they have a good chance of owning that or a car similar to that. And nobody wants to drive a car that isn't cool. Thus society makes something seem cool that really isn't. This also can be used to help bring some logic to the ricer phenomenon. I hope that made sense.
  13. Looks like a bad mating between a miata and an z3 with a little dodge mixed in for spite.
  14. yeah I can see a bit of the Z3 coupe in there. But the Z3 coupe had balls enough to be a CRX on crack with 300 HP...100 HP just doesn't cut it today, even among the eco, GENX, GENY croud. And yes it's ugly and too small to be usefull at the same time!!! :notnice:
  15. I guess I am considered generation X as I am 20 years old. Not all is lost. I have a lot of friends that would also choose the Cobra over the POS Sling Shot in a hot second. The sad thing is I believe us to be an increasingly small part of my generation.
  16. a 20 year old is a Gen Y'er.... Gen X is in their upper 20's by now.... like me :) Generation X was alive when MTV came on the air, and were in their late teens when Nirvana brought grunge/guitar rock back to the forefront.... Generation X drove Mustang 5.0's and Camaro IROC's in high school, and went to college in the mid 90's.

    Generation Y are you guys who ushered the new era of Boy Bands and Ricer cars... heh.... Generation Y sucks :) No offense to you personally.

  17. Sorry bro, you are considered Gen Y. Gen X are almost 30. I am at what some consider to be the cut off point for Gen X.

    You had baby boomers, flower children, gen X, then Gen Y. I think that was the order. Gen X were the ones who grew up in the 80's not born in the 80's. If you remember when the atari 2600 was the coolest thing in the world, you were probably a gen X'er. If you were growing up the the Super Nintendo was all the rage. You are a Gen Y'er.
  18. Actually the generations for the last 60 years are as follows:

    If you were born in any of these years listed below you are either a Baby Boomer, Generation X or a Generation Y.

    1946-1964 --- Baby Boomers

    1964-1980 --- Generation X

    1981-1990 --- Generation Y
  19. As a member of Gen Y, no offense taken. There are a lot of morons in our generation. On the upside we get to grow up in a time when several cars are becoming insanely fast again, even though a lot of them suck. I guess you could say we're a generation of extremes. I honestly think subtlety is completely lost on most of my peers.

    Ok, so Generation X is supposed to mean you're the generation with no identity, no purpose, and as Generation Y, our identity is based on the identity-less. Isn't that just great? :nonono:
  20. What if you had an Atari and the regular Nintendo was all the rage? Hey I still play my regular Nintendo, beating and blowing on the cartages to get them to work.
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