WTF is up with this world??

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  1. Same here, and I'm a Generation Y-er. (Is that a word?)
    I also think that car looks like the illegitemate child of a Z-3 and a Miata. Most of my friends would agree with me too, but sadly, we are in the minority. :nonono:
  2. You guys are in the minority because most Gen Xers and Gen Yers have NO CLUE about what a car should look like. They have been brainwashed by the Ricers to beleive that rounded looking cheeseball 100HP cars are fast and nice looking when they are really ugly and slow. Most Gen Xers and Gen Yers cannot think for themselves. They are stupid. And they dress stupid too with their baggy pants and ski caps and sideburns. That's the reason why the few intelligent Gen Xers and Gen Yers that are out there are a BIG minority. I guess the stupid ones had parents with bad genes.
  3. Back to the topic. The Sling Shot is based off the Smart car which is only available in Europe, I believe. Very light weight, under 1900 lbs, but with a lot of grip. Check the link for a Car and Driver review of the Smart car.
    This Smart car runs the same times as a Hummer H2 for the 0-60 and 1/4. The Sling Shot is in the go-kart for the streets market. The only thing the new Mustang can learn from this idea is that less is more. If the new Mustang weighs 3400+ like I have heard, maybe a little weight loss would help overall performance.
  4. I am an unintelligent Gen-Xer YEYYYY :banana: :banana: :banana: :D :flag:
  5. I'm 25 and I don't think I'm a Gen Xer. I'm definately more Gen Y.
    Damn layabout coffee drinking Real World watching Gen Xers!!
  6. Might as well make that dodge a peddle car, probably beat that measily 100 hp motor with my feet! :lol:
  7. Here's the problem. Kids have always basically worked with what they have. In other words, they start with the parents' car. Now, in the 50s, the parents had a Bel Air. In the 60s, the parents had a Mustang or Belvedere or a Malibu. In the 70s, the parents had a Pinto or a Chevette. In the 80s and 90s, the parents had an Accord. See the problem here? It's with the parents, not with the kids! Who are the parents these days? Baby boomers. So don't blame the kids--they're making the best of what they have. Blame the baby boomers for buying Accords, and Detroit for building junk.
  8. Don't look at me, never owner Japanese crap, never will. Raised my kids to want American V8's baby! :D
  9. I'm definately passing down whatever I buy in the next couple years to my kids(preferablely my son). They will definately have a love of RWD and V8s.
  10. Well, I guess I barely made the cut for gen X (1980).Anyway, wasn't it the baby boomers who brought out the gremlin and vega and dare I say ....... mustang II ? The slingshot looks like a modern day gremlin with no option for a v8. Some people have no taste, I wouldn't even want to be seen in something like that.
  11. I think it's ass ugly (not a hot chick's ass, some fat hairy ass from a guy ugly). But it isn't a bad idea. Think about what our roads will be like in 5 to 10 years! Full of morons driving which ever way they please, and I mean way more people than we have today on roads that have exceeded their designed capabilities ages ago. Why bother having 500HP cars when you won't be able to go over 40MPH because of traffic. Generic, ugly, and slow is the wave of the future - you have to face the facts at one point in time.

    And I never had an atari but I remember some kind of console game where you had sheets that slid in the controls. Oh and my brother had a top notch VHS with a wired remote control. LOL Damn I just remembered what it's like to have to get up and change the channels *shivers*
  12. You thinking of the intellivision. It had inserts for the controls on all the games.
  13. Oh I agree about subtlety being lost on today's people. Everyone wants the brightest colours, etc, noone enjoys the pastel colours, etc. I absolutely love the new lime gold colour on the 2005 mustang, I'm a bit sick of "Retina burning red" and "ultra-violet makes-your-eyes hurt blue". Fair enough, humanity now has the technology to make intense colours, flavours, textures, sounds, but I think we should get over it, and start exercising some control over how we use these new skills and technologies.
  14. People exercise their own control. Maybe bright colors aren't for you. But others do like them. The problems with suggesting some control over how we use new skills and techologies are many. First you start to sound old and stuck in the past. Not able to progress with the rest of society. Second and more importantly. Where do we stop exercising control over skills and technology. For instance someone could decide they didn't like "retina burning red". So they work to get rid of it's use. Then they decide they don't like the car altogether. So they work to create laws against it for various resons (pollution/safety/fuel economy). People don't need more controls. If you don't like the color exercise your right to not buy it.
  15. Ron Jeremy remembers the cars from the 70's. I remember the funky looking volkswagen bugs and campers back in the "make love not war" days of the mid and late 60's and early 70's. Those were the days. If you had a musclecar back then, the chicks would love you for it. The same goes for today. Girls love musclecars. I am going to give all of my musclecar Mustangs to my future lovechild. He/she will not be driving a riceburner. As long as there is gasoline and as long as the :nonono: don't cut off the oil supply to us we will be driving our Mustang musclecars and passing them on to our lovechildren. Yeah Baby.

    No racial slurs bro! :notnice:
  16. Ron why do you refer to yourself in the 3rd person... you remind me of Bob Dole. :shrug:
  17. I don't know why I refer to myself in the 3rd person. I guess that my Harvard educaton has something to do with it.
  18. :lol: Are you implying that RON JEREMY needs Viagra? :rlaugh:
  19. Let's get back on topic folks...
  20. What happend to dodges bike with viper motor? and wtf is up with this slingshot thing..

    Whos gonna buy this car?
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