WTF is up with this world??

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by bit, Jan 11, 2004.

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  1. Not me. I wouldn't buy it.
  2. I didn't mean we need to create laws to stop things lol, I meant that some auto manufacturers should once again start bringing out other shades of colours than 100% tinter. That sort of thing. It doesn't impress me that they can make those colours, what would impress me is them using a more subtler colour or shade to match, emphasise and enhance the rest of the product, to produce a piece of art.
  3. Sorry about OTing, on topic I can say this:

    I can see how some people can find an attraction in that car, but why it is winning over the mustang (I can't remember the first post anymore, it was a mustang right?) is far beyond me. FAR FAR beyond.
  4. Buddy, don't take anything that RON JEREMY says as the Gospel. How intelligent do you have to be to select RON JEREMY as your screen name, and read is friggin' signature, he can't be the brightest. There is NO correlation between IQ and the year you were born. NONE, NADA, ZIP.
    And as a 25 year-old born in 1978, i can contest that all of his theories about the opinions of Gen Yers are wrong (most sources call 1976 the last year for gen-x, but obviously its a sliding scale). That Ricer Crap tends to exist with a younger crowd than myself. All of the people taht i know, if they are into performance cars, are into domestic muscle, not ricer crap. It's my 18 year old brother and his crowd that are into it.
  5. I think you guys are being a little hard on the SlingShot. It isn't a sports car of any sorts but then again not every car has to be. Besides, it is a concept car, not a production vehicle. The idea behind it is to give style to those on a limited budget. Kinda like if Target sold cars. It is nothing I would ever buy, but I don't think it is overall bad. If Dodge did come out with it I'd like to see them offer the STR-4's engine in it.

    I think this should be my next car, a Gibbs Aquada:
    <img src="">

    Everytime it rains where I live the parking lots all flood.
  6. Oh yeah, if you guys really want a car to lay into have at this, the HCD-8 concept:

    <img src="">
  7. UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY. That's all it is. UGLY.

    And 30AnnivStang,

    I happen to BE Ron Jeremy. I am the role model of what all men should be like.
  8. I was born in '75 so I guess I am a Gen Xer, but I don't think it really means all that much except that we are more computer/techno savy than our parents and the folks that are five to ten years older.

    As for the Ricer Crap, kids have been doing stupid stuff to cheap cars for a long time. In the late 80's to the early 90's the thing to do was put the biggest set of tires on an underpowered Toyota/Nissan pickup with a lift kit. It was idiotic. These things couldn't be used on the highway or off road. Now most of the kids who had trucks like that drive Dodge Rams, Z71 Chevys or 4X4 F150s, which is what they wanted in the first place but could not afford.

    The other fad from high school was the big stereo system... that is pretty much still the deal with the Ricers. Basically, aftermarket companies have caught onto the fact that young people can't afford new cars but they have enough income to buy things to make older cars look "cool", in their opinion.

    It all makes sense. There are lots of little foreign cars on the market. They are cheap. Kids can buy them. They have grown up hearing how crappy American cars are. A few kids actually have the skills to make them a little bit quick, and bang you have a new industry building bolt-on parts for these little economy cars.

    In my case, I had a 63 Fairlane as a first car so I didn't fit into that mold.
  9. ok hedgehog, you ARE Ron Jeremy.
  10. :lol: following allong with this thread i busted up dying laughing at this part

    1979 is the last year for being a gen X-er. glad i just made it. gen y-ers are flippin morons and i believe they (except the ones that drive V8 stangs) are the exact answer to bits question: what is wrong with this world
  11. I'm glad that I amuse you.
  12. You amuse a great many people.
  13. That's why I'm going to have my new reality show on television in a few weeks. Then I will be able to amuse all of America.
  14. Well then, in this reality show, could you say hi to all the stangnet peoples?
  15. Yeah, if you are Ron Jeremy, the fattest uglies **** star in the world, you should prove it on the show that starts in a few weeks. oh, and by the way, it's already started. The surreal life was on last week RON!
  16. :nonono: I asked you all to get back on topic.... :lock:
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