Wtf Is Wrong With People?

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  1. I saw this GT vert for sale on Craigslist today.

    I almost want to meet him so I can punch him in the throat for:
    a. jacking up that fox
    b. for having the balls to ask that much for it after jacking it up.
  2. Holy crap, I've seen it all now. The sad thing is that the person has some really good customization skills but no sense of style.
    Thanks for sharing that tasty nugget...Lol
  3. I agree the interior is pretty sweet. Besides the headrests. Imagine he could have made a unique one off looking kit. Kinda like the old sanja kits or even better. Talent no doubt.
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  4. I thought it was a custom. Funny that was desirable didn't think the 90s where that weird.
  5. If it is custom, ive physically seen that car. Which isnt so far fetched since its in PA and im in nj. We talked about it for years.
  6. Your right its a kit. Here's another one

  7. Salvage title...and still wants $8K.

    No miles either
  8. That's the worst think I've ever seen
  9. Why didn't anyone bid on it?
  10. No one bid on the ebay one because it didn't have the desirable "salvage title" that the other one had.
  11. the first one made me lol the second one hurt my eyes then started to hurt my head looking at it then i started to get mad WTF I usually agree with most what 2000xp8 says but that abortion was never desirable anytime i can remember and i go back to the early 80s
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  12. Gotta remember, i live on the jersey shore (that should say enough).

    There was a time when i bet it was close to the 5.0 capital of the country. You either had one, or you were beat by one. Road leading to the shore was flooded with them on a daily basis.

    Even the dreaded F40 wing was popular for a time.

    Back in the day sometimes different was confused for better.

    I would no way shape or form would have run the GFX kit, F40 wing and you can even throw that cowl hood with the fake ram air and fake venting slots.
    That's not to say people didn't want these items, but they were hard to get, remember there was no real internet back then, so all you could really do was buy what was local and talk about the rest.

    Also remember, seeing something at a glance is alot different than seeing something in a solid stationary picture. 20ft at 20mph sure ain't enough to get the real idea of how a car looks.

    Trust me people liked some of this crap out there. Certainly does NOT reflect my personal tastes.
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  13. 2000xp8 lol i do remember seeing the f40 wing on some foxbodies i forgot all about those obortions its was a longtime ago