Wtf Mate!!!!

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  1. why the hell is everything moved around??? i keep going into the wrong forums now!
  2. What are you talkin' 'bout? You been hittin on the ole lady's crack pipe again? o_O

    Ok really.... I spent some time cleaning up the 5oh Tuning forum yesterday. There were lots of stranded posts by new members who weren't getting repsonses because they created their threads in the wrong forum. What's more, you had go THOUGH 5.0 Tech in order to get to 94-95 Tech, Talk, and Tuning forums. So the only change is that now, all the 5.0 pushrod stuff has it's own category. Fox and 5oh SN95 (Talk, Tech, Tuning, and Engine Swap) all fall beneath their respective parent Tech forums.

    Should be a little easier for newbs to find the correct forum to post their questions into. All your old links to various forums and threads are still valid.
  3. i was talking about the order of the forums on the first page... 5.0 is no longer 2nd or where ever it was before
  4. They're in order of production w/exception of SVT and special production.
  5. should be order of coolness with the fox's on top lol
  6. Hmmmm.... :chin

    I'm not sure newbs would readily understand that order at first glance.