WTF? No hi-perf pads for SVO rear discs?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 5.0ina66, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. This makes no sense, I'm sure SVOs are hellacious road-course cars, so why can't I find anything more impressive than an AC-Delco "superstop" set of pads for the rear? I can get all the Hawk ferro-carbon pads I want for the front, and it just wouldn't feel right to me to have a set of $14 Autozone specials on the back. :eek:
    -PS: My 66 has SVO discs on the back, in case this question seems odd.
  2. There were fewer than 9900 SVOs built and probably no more than half are still complete cars and a tiny portion of those are raced. Unfortunately it's not profitable to tool up making carbon brake pads for a fleet of maybe 200 SVOs that see track time. A number of parts are going or have gone out of production for these cars. Struts, lower control arms, brakes, body/lights/trim, etc.

    Besides, the rear brakes aren't going to be doing a whole lot, especially in a lightweight '66. I doubt you'll have trouble with organics on the back. I'm pretty sure the rear brakes are the same as some early-mid '80s Lincoln, so maybe you could find better pads listed for that.
  3. You can get EBC Greenstuff. I've never used them but I think they're supposed to be a decent performance street pad.
  4. They are the same brakes used on 87-91 Saleens and 84-91 Lincoln Mark 7's.

    That might help you find something. I could have sworn i saw some Hawk pads for those applications