WTF??? Overheating! no heat! Problems!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by 88GTMustang, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. My car has been acting Very crazy lately. These are the symptoms it has

    Temp Gage in Car will go to the RED!
    Car only blows cold Air during that time (seems like it will take 20 mins to get warm)
    Temp Gage will go down to normal, then back up. (once in a while)
    Had coolant leak? i think a little bit came out of the overflow tank

    Anyways this is what i did - Flushed entire system, refilled
    New thermostat
    New Water pump- old one almost shot (cheap trial and error thing)
    Fresh coolant

    Anyone have any ideas to what could be going on with my car? BTW 95 V6
    later, Jeff
  2. el head gasketo mucho
  3. exactly jamez...

    you have a blown head gasket..

    i had a 93 thunderbird with the same symptoms... i took off the heads.. and teh gaskets were shot
  4. Is this the same dude that just this week came in here dissing the V6?

    If not I apologize!
  5. Nope it is not, sorry for mistaken you for HOT88GTStang!
  6. Yea I dont DISS V6 owners, lol, this V6 was my first stang and i love it!

    But anyways SOB!!! :( are you guys serious? HEAD GASKET :notnice: Any other way i could be positive to check it without ripping the heads off, And how can i Tell what side? or both?
  7. Can't answer that one for ya, but I know from experience the more you drive it that way, the bigger the repair bill is gonna be :(
  8. do a compression test on the cylinders...
  9. Doesnt that involve removing the spark plugs and sticking one of those compression device thingy majigers (i forgot the name of it, sue me)down into the cylinder? Ive seen how hondas do it. Ive never done it on a mustang.
  10. yea..basically
  11. ya,its a head gasket....i had the exact problems with my stang like 4 days ago. It sucks but it has to be changed.

  12. If your head gaskets are busted there's a good chance that the oil and coolant will mix, creating a mixture that looks like chocolate milk in your radiator. Also air in your cooling system would be causing the same kinds of problems, I'd make dead sure you didn't trap any air last time you re-filled the coolant.
  13. you might try burping the coolant system like highlord mentioned
  14. wait could be a craked piston. Hopfully its not that for you,but thats what it was for me.

  15. I had the exact same problem with my 94 stang. It is definitely a head gasket. It sounds like it is at the same stage as mine is.

    Do the following...

    1. Check the coolant level. If low, fill it. (this is giving you the hint of blown head gasket)
    2. Start your car and let it idle for a while and get warm.
    3. stand behind the car and look for a puddle of Anti-freeze.

    I had the exact same problem and it was pumping the anti-freeze out the muffler.

    The typical cyl that has the head gasket blown is #3. This is the back one on the passenger side.

    Pull that plug and see if it is fowled out.

    You will have water in your oil if your head gasket is blown. Drain your oil. If it does not have a creamy look to it or have a green substance in it, it is possible that your head gasket is not blown, but at the minimum, you are going to get an oil change out of it.

    Hope this helps,

  16. WELL its been 2 weeks and the car seemed fine untill yesterday, Did the same thing! So is it most likely head gasket?
  17. Check for leaks from your rad when filled and car running, or car just shut off. My new radiator started leaking coolantfrom the upper tranny fluid hookup after a month letting air into the system again. Lousy POS Ready-Rad junk heap. :mad:
  18. Sorry wrong button :bang:
  19. Yeah, mine did the same thing. It was a head gasket, but the thermostat was replaced at the same time, so I'm not sure if the thermostat caused the head gasket or if the shop I took it to didn't know what they were doing (highly likely).

  20. sorry to say but yes you have a HG problem and its quite a **** to replace them, I just finished, basicly every thing comes out of the engine. mine did the same thing, it would run fine for a couple of weeks then out of no were bang the temp would rocket to red then no heat then drop to cold stay for a bit the run hot, got tired of it brought the car to ford and the said it was the HG, and yes #3 was pritty badly fouled.have fun :rlaugh: