WTF ? rust emitting gas bubbles under my bran new paint

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 68 & 00 GT, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. BTW I can't wait to see it done! You should've shipped it to AZ so I could've painted it for ya ;)
  2. thanks for all the info guys - that stuff makes tons more sense than rust gases to me.

    After talking to him yesterday he doesn't seem too worried about getting the issue solved, and they already stated they'd make it right. I need to go look at it ASAP.

    Oh and no convertible for me, wish I could just replace the roof skin, and no way in hell on the vinly roof again.

    Any other ideas ?

    I'm going to print this thread, and show him -

  3. The roof skin can be replaced. Try a salvage yard, but before that, ask around at some good body shops or collision repair places. They bring roll overs back to life ALL the time.
  4. Baking the paint to remove the rust gasses LOL, thats a good one. If youve got solid metal, media blast it to remove all traces of rust, prime with a high quality metal etching primer, seal with epoxy primer, them prime with a high build urethane primer surfacer, block sand it to perfection and paint it. Its alot of different primers and steps but it will assure you a long lasting high quality finish..Theres alot more to a good quality paint job than body filler, primer surfacer and paint. Baking isnt the answer, it just speeds the job up for production shops.
  5. well the guy that suggested baking actually meant baking it prior to painting :shrug:
  6. Rust is rust, unless you remove 100% of it, its gonna come back. Thats one of lifes guarantees. It doesnt matter when you bake it or how hot the oven is or what kind of fancy miracle rust converting paint is used to treat it, all youre doing is buying time at best.